• Can You Create AI to enhance faith? If so, you could pocket $1 Million

    A leading technology platform has announced that it is offering $1 million for the group who can work out how to use artificial intelligence to enhance faith. Gloo, the leading technology platform dedicated to connecting the faith ecosystem and releasing its collective might, announced the first-of-its-kind event. They have called it the AI & the […]

  • Do You Dare to Question God?

    I wonder if you’ve ever been told NOT to question God? I have. It’s disrespectful, irreverent, and overly-familiar, apparently. Questioning God shows a lack of faith and fear of the Lord. I mean, God is GOD, and who are we, as mere mortals, to interrogate him? Verses such as Romans 9:20 are quoted to support […]

  • Looking for deeper faith? Here’s how to get it

    Is this it? Is this what God meant when He thought up the New Covenant? For the last few years, I have often wondered how the faith exemplified by the Early Church has morphed from this meaningful phenomenon thousands of years ago led by an active Holy Spirit, to what I have today. Don’t get […]

  • Have you ever wondered who made God?

    Adherence to a religious worldview continues to decline in America at an alarming rate. Recent data released by the Pew Research Centre indicates that atheism or agnosticism has risen from 17% to nearly 30% in the last decade and there is a corresponding decrease in religious affiliation and observance.  The average person is now much […]

  • New ‘Buffet-Style’ Christianity as 1 in 3 believe Jesus is not God

    A recent study called “The American Worldview Inventory” has revealed that about a third of Americans who claim to be evangelicals do not believe that Jesus Christ is God. The study, conducted by Arizona Christian University, confirmed what has already become obvious over the last decade. Traditional Christian beliefs and values are on the decline […]

  • Why Are We Seeing So Many Shallow Christians?

    Plenty of Christians are rightly concerned about the number of shallow fellow-believers today. Just take a look at the Christian section of a bookstore and you’ll find books that look more like a self-help or positive thinking section than a serious selection of Christian topics and ideas. Too many Christian radio and television programs have long […]

  • When everyone zigs, it’s your chance to zag

    Some years ago, there was a book written by Siimon Reynolds, a legend of advertising, titled, ‘When They Zig, You Zag’. The entire point of his book was doing the opposite of what the crowd is doing. Right now, we are right in the middle of Covid and this is the perfect time to do […]

  • Faith is Not a Subject

    People describe the Christian faith as a “personal relationship with Jesus.” But in the church, how have we gone about encouraging and developing that relationship with Christ? Sadly, our church services, classes and programs rarely pursue that relationship like, well, like a real relationship. It’s not for lack of good intentions. At some point, years […]

  • Tim Tebow’s emotional tribute to Ravi Zacharias

    Former NFL star Tim Tebow has paid an emotional tribute to Christian speaker Ravi Zacharias, as it was this week announced that his cancer is incurable. America’s highest profile Christian athlete stated on Instagram, “Just wanted to share this message in regards to my good friend and a hero of the faith, @ravizacharias. A couple […]

  • Christian celebrities Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger expecting child

    Christian celebrities Chris Pratt and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, are expecting their first child together. The couple, who met in church, married ten moths ago on June 8 in Montecito, California. Schwarzenegger Pratt recently released a new book, The Gift of Forgiveness, which has been on the New York Times Best Sellers list for four […]