• Scottish court expedites case against venue banning Franklin Graham

    A Scottish court has recognized the importance and the urgency of resolving a dispute relating to the Scottish Event Campus’s (SEC) cancellation of its contract with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) by ordering expedited treatment of the case. The SEC must tell the court within seven days why it cancelled its legally-binding contract with […]

  • British MP stands up for Franklin Graham in parliament

    After venue after venue recently banned Franklin Graham from speaking at their premises, a British MP has spoken up in parliament. MP Fiona Bruce asked the poignant question as to whether they could really call themselves a “tolerant, inclusive, and diverse society which respects freedom of speech whatever one’s religion or beliefs if we denied […]

  • Franklin Graham travels to UK to confirm tour as venues cancel

    Franklin Graham, has been under pressure of late as his 2020 UK tour has seen all eight major venues tear up their agreements. Dubbing him the ‘hate preacher’ because on his last trip, he stated homosexuality was a sin, Graham, pictured above at the BBC, has been criticized by Britain’s highly influential LGBT groups, who […]

  • Franklin Graham responds as all eight UK venues cancel

    As all eight key venues have now canceled their bookings for Franklin Graham’s 2020 UK tour, the Billy Graham Association has responded. Dubbed by some in the UK as the ‘hate preacher’ because he views homosexuality as a sin, venues have been trying to stop the son of Billy Graham from touring the country. However, […]