• ‘He Gets Us’ to spend $1 billion promoting Jesus, including Superbowl ads

    A Christian group is spending up to one billion dollars on a new campaign to promote Jesus Christ and the values they believe he held. The “He Gets Us” campaign, which has already started appearing online via billboards and airwaves across the nation, most recently during NFL playoff games, with the goal of presenting Jesus […]

  • Damar Hamlin Heart Attack Shows That We Don’t Need God… Until We Do

    In America, and indeed the world, we are seeing anything to do with God, and more specifically Jesus, removed from society. It seems we feel we have it all together and we can manage on our own. The world is becoming increasingly secular. Even ‘Merry Christmas’ is slowing fading into ‘Happy Holidays’. There’s Drag Queen […]

  • What Do You Do When God Says No?

    Have you ever wanted something so badly or prayed for something for a really long time and it just felt like God said, no. I know I have! Probably more times than I can count. As an 18-year-old, I remember having this mad crush on a guy. He was a youth pastor at the time, […]

  • Why Can’t So Many Who Say They Reject Jesus Stop Talking About Him?

    I’ve always been fascinated at the number of people who reject Jesus or turn their backs on their Christian faith, but just can’t stop talking about it. There are an amazing number of social media sites and blogs that seem to be created for the express purpose of criticizing Christianity – something the writer’s have […]

  • Have you ever wondered who made God?

    Adherence to a religious worldview continues to decline in America at an alarming rate. Recent data released by the Pew Research Centre indicates that atheism or agnosticism has risen from 17% to nearly 30% in the last decade and there is a corresponding decrease in religious affiliation and observance.  The average person is now much […]