• Jim Bakker to pay $156,000 for Covid cure claims

    Televangelist Jim Bakker will have to pay $156,000 in fines after promoting and selling a product on television that reportedly cured people from the coronavirus. On Bakker’s TV show in 2020, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt claimed Bakker made false claims about a “Silver Solution” health supplement. The complaint allegeed Bakker and Morningside Church Productions […]

  • Facing legal action for claims about supplement, Jim Bakker suffers stroke

    In the middle of a legal fight over allegedly making false claims about a health supplement, televangelist Jim Bakker has suffered a stroke. According to his wife, the work hours he has been keeping, along with the stress he has been under, has had an affect on his health. The 80 year-old preacher’s lawyers filed […]