• Joel Osteen’s church stormed by pro-abortion activists

    Pro-abortion activists have disrupted the Sunday service at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, removing clothes in the process. The women, three activists with Texas Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, stripped down to their underwear and started shouting out, “It’s my body, my choice” from the crowd. They chose the church’s 11am service last Sunday at the […]

  • After finding 600k cash in Lakewood Church walls, plumber gets 20k reward

    The plumber who found $600,000 in the walls of a Lakewood Church bathroom has received a $20,000 reward. The plumber, known only as ‘Justin’, discovered the money in November when he was called out to the church for some basic plumbing work in one of the church’s bathrooms. Hundreds of thousands of dollars had been […]

  • Plumber discovers “bags and bags” of cash in walls of Joel Osteen’s church

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars reported missing from Joel Osteen’s church back in 2014 has been found in one of the bathroom walls inside the building. The amount of $600,000 was found by a plumber called out to do some general work on the church. According to KPRC Channel 2, the plumber says he found […]

  • Joel Osteen, megachurch pastor, launches the ‘Joel Osteen Inspiration Cube’

    Joel Osteen’s church members are used to a weekly pick-up from their pastor, but with Covid restrictions making it hard to meet in person, that concern might be a thing of the past. Osteen, the senior pastor of the Lakewood megachurch in Houston in Texas has just released the ‘Joel Osteen Inspiration Cube’. A product […]

  • Joel Osteen cancels all weekend services over coronavirus

    While the president is telling us not to panic, on a global level, the cornoavirus is starting to take a stranglehold, and now Joel Osteen has announced that all live services are being canceled. As Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has declared a public health emergency, the Lakewood megachurch has canceled weekend services for the foreseeable […]