• New documents lodged in battle for John Gray’s Relentless megachurch

    John Gray and Ron Carpenter are at it again in the latest installment of their battle over control of South Carolina’s Relentless Church. The pair are counter-claiming over who in fact has the right to the building, and while there is not yet a winner between the two in this messy lawsuit, one thing is […]

  • John Gray church’s former pastors now say they are owed $6.25 million

    John Gray’s ugly legal battle with the former pastors of his church is getting messier by the day, with news that Gray was to pay Ron Carpenter a $6.25 million ($250,000 a year over 25 years) retirement package. According to Greenville News, the two parties are locked in court over the handover of the church. […]

  • Facing eviction, Relentless Church sued for unpaid wages

    It just gets worse for John Gray and his Relentless Church, as a new report states that the church’s chief operating officer is now suing for unpaid wages. Greenville News reports that Travis Hayes resigned on December 5 and has filed a lawsuit in Greenville County this week that Relentless Church hasn’t paid him more […]

  • Final eviction notice served on John Gray’s Relentless Church

    The former pastors at John Gray’s Relentless Church have served the celebrity pastor with a final eviction notice. Ron and Hope Carpenter, who moved to California and now pastor Redemption Church, which sounds oddly like their last church, handed the church – and its debts – to Gray. They claim he hasn’t kept up the […]