• California to pay John MacArthur’s church $800,000 over worship restrictions

    California’s Grace Community Church, headed by Pastor John MacArthur, has received an $800,000 payout after the city of Los Angeles placed restrictions on its worship. The State of California and County of Los Angeles have reportedly agreed to pay $800,000 in “prevailing party” attorneys’ fees. According to The Thomas More Society, the legal group representing […]

  • California megachurch cleared of Covid outbreak

    John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church has been cleared of having a Covid-19 outbreak after it has been pursued by LA county authorities. The church has been caught up in a battle with LA officials after its high profile senior pastor refused to stop live gatherings. “We are glad to announce that we received a notice […]

  • Despite Government Restrictions, John MacArthur Urges Pastors to Reopen Churches

    Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California is calling pastors and church leaders across America to reopen their churches despite COVID-19 restrictions by “leftist and secular government officials” who seek to “shut us down.” According to The Blaze, MacArthur released the video on his official Twitter account on Wednesday, which has since gone viral […]

  • John MacArthur says he’ll risk prison time to continue church

    “I’m open for a jail ministry – bring it on.” These were the fighting words from California pastor John MacArthur, who is happy to risk prison time by keeping his church open. RELATEDJohn MacArthur pressing ahead with church despite threats of arrest MacArthur, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church in Greater Los Angeles, is […]

  • If Bible smugglers are heroes, are pastors defying Covid orders disobedient?

    As pastors such as John MacArthur and Jack Hibbs defy government orders and open their churches, the response from Christians on social media has been mixed. While many champion the pastors brave enough to take on authorities and open their churches, despite threats of arrest, others have used social media to speak out, stating they […]

  • John MacArthur pressing ahead with church despite threats of arrest

    It is hard to believe I am writing this in America, the most Christian of western countries, yet Californian pastor John MacArthur faces the issue of being arrested for running his church. While you can pop to WalMart or Home Depot with hundreds of others, even the First Amendment rights don’t seem to be standing […]

  • Megachurch pastor ignores Californian authorities and opens church

    Grace Community Church’s head pastor, John MacArthur, has ignored Californian authorities and pressed ahead with opening his church. California has been under some of the tougher laws in the country, with Governor California Newsom enforcing churches be closed. As such, we have seen church services run at the beach, attracting global attention. Perhaps Newsom has […]

  • Megachurch pastor’s son charged with fraud

    The son of one of America’s most prominent preachers has been charged with fraud, according to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings. Mark MacArthur, whose father John MacArthur is the senior pastor at Grace Community Church in California, has been charged with Failure to Disclose Financial Conflicts of Interest at Criterion Wealth Management Insurance Services, […]

  • No preaching: Pastor John MacArthur tells Beth Moore to ‘Go Home’

    “There is no Biblical case that can be made for a woman preaching. Period.” That was the comment from Pastor and author John MacArthur at ‘The Truth Matters Conference’. During the conference, a panel took place, chaired by another pastor, Todd Friel. MacArthur was asked to give a two word response to Beth Moore. MacArthur […]