• ‘Jesus beat death for you and I’ says Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber has taken to social media to share a message of faith, just as so many people around the world are struggling under the challenges of Civid-19. Posting recently after releasing his new song ‘Holy’, in which he collaborated with Chance the Rapper, Bieber posted after watching church online. “Today as I watched church […]

  • Justin Bieber refutes sexual assault claims dating back to 2014

    Justin Bieber has slammed allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman in 2014 as “factually impossible” — as he threatened legal action against her in a series of tweets. The 26-year-old “Sorry” star responded at length on Twitter Sunday night, posting numerous photos, news links and receipts he claims prove he was with then-girlfriend Selena […]

  • Hailey Bieber shares how her relationship with God is ‘going deeper’

    Hailey Bieber has spoken openly about her faith and marriage to Justin Bieber in a new interview. RELATEDThe celebrity pastors and the Bieber’s wedding The interview, filmed for Hillsong’s ‘Now with Natalie’ show, saw the show’s host, Natalie Manuel Lee, travel to the model’s home to discuss all things faith. Newly married to Justin Bieber, […]

  • Raw video shows Justin Bieber opening up on his faith

    If you’ve questioned Justin Bieber’s faith, which, incidentally, none of us has the right to, as it is far from us to judge anyone, then the candid video below might help you take a different perspective. From the outside, it is so easy to look at stars like Bieber and Kanye West and start questioning […]

  • Justin Bieber’s message of faith to 124 million Insta followers

    Justin Bieber has continued his trend of using social media to spread a message to his 124 million Instagram followers. The music star posted an audio message by Chelsea Smith, wife of Judah Smith. Bieber attends the Smith’s Churchome, which has a satellite service in Los Angeles.  “GOOD MORNING HERE IS A GUIDED PRAYER TO […]