• The real reason Christians are losing credibility in America

    We’ve all experienced it – the uneasy feeling that this country has lost its moral compass and we’re drifting further and further away from basic Christian principles. While America was never actually a “Christian country” it’s pretty obvious that for the last 200 years, Judeo-Christian principles have been the most popular religious tradition in our […]

  • Five (Seemingly) Well-Intending Sentences That Are Hurting the Church

    Have you ever received a backhanded compliment? Just beneath the veneer of a compliment lies a stinging insult. It may not register at first, but then you feel the pain. “Congratulations, I didn’t expect you to get the job!” “You are so independent; it’s no surprise you haven’t found anyone yet.” “You really look nice […]

  • What to do when you’re offended by another Christian

    Of all the tricks of the enemy, of all the things that knock us off course, of all the things that cause division among Christians, being hurt by others is at the top of the list. It’s also the primary reason behind most of the violence in our world. The pain we cause each other […]

  • 5 Reasons to Rejoice for the Overturning of Roe

    As pro-life believers across America are shouting for joy and giving thanks for the overturning of Roe, others are saying, “Look, we don’t like abortion either. But so many women in America are terrified right now, as if others can dictate what they with their own bodies. So, let’s be a little more muted in […]

  • In Church, You Can’t Be Helpful if You Can’t Be Present

    Once upon a time, a friend invited me to tour his church building during a Sunday service. Our mutual goal was to spotlight cracks in the guest process and figure out how to connect people on a simpler scale. Over the course of the morning, our tour was interrupted no fewer than twenty times. We […]

  • Christian Faith and Pluralism: Just how are Christians to live in this non-Christian world?

    It’s a familiar story… A dedicated Christian reads the Bible and prays before leaving for work. It’s a busy day of meetings, followed by a family dinner. As she gets into bed, she realizes that her Christian convictions haven’t consciously surfaced at all during the day. The ambitions of so-called ‘Christian leaders’ resulted in the […]

  • Rapid change is coming: here’s how your church can deal with it

    Though it is cliché, change is the constant in our culture. Even before COVID, the world was changing steadily and constantly. When the pandemic came, change was accelerated, and the challenges were exacerbated. In earlier years I was an advocate of “eating the elephant” change, that is making incremental, “one bite a time” changes. I […]

  • The Blessing of Brokenness—Broken yet Unbreakable

    A.W. Tozer was famous for saying, “It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply.” Brokenness is painful, but it develops humility and dependence on God that very few experience. RELATED: Popstar Preachers and Woke Worship Leaders: When Ministry Becomes Idolatry In the same way that olives are […]

  • The importance of keeping God in the center of your business or career

    This week, my wife and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. When I look at the picture below, I am still to this day amazed at the way God works things. At the time of our wedding, I was running a few businesses and my wife was working in marketing at a large church. Just […]

  • Popstar Preachers and Woke Worship Leaders: When Ministry Becomes Idolatry

    I tried numerous times to soften the tone and re-work the language of this article, but God made it clear not to diminish a word. First Corinthians 11:31 says that if we discern wrong thoughts, actions, and attitudes, and repent of them, that we would not come under God’s judgment. My hope is that this […]

  • John Hagee’s megachurch forced to respond after “Let’s Go Brandon” chant at church

    John Hagee’s megachurch has been forced to respond after an even held at the church saw attendees chant “Let’s Go Brandon”. The church has been forced to apologize, even though it was not in fact Hagee’s congregation in San Antonio taking part in the chant, but rather the attendees at an event called “ReAwaken America”, […]

  • 5 Observations on the Surprising Attendance Decline of Streaming Worship Services

    Over nine out of ten church leaders describe their church’s decline in attendance in streaming worship services as “major.” Many of them say the decline is at least 90 percent from its peak during the pandemic. While we certainly anticipated that many church members would return to in-person worship attendance after the quarantine, we were […]