• Ravi Zacharias leaders blinded by loyalty, ‘spent donor money to sue abuse survivor’

    A new report commissioned to dissect the internal culture and practices at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) has found that the organization’s leaders were so full of admiration for their founder that they could not confront him regarding his behavior. The report, commissioned by Guidepost Solutions, says that the leaders’ “personal affection and admiration” for […]

  • Ministry pain is tough. Here’s 10 reasons why

    Most of us who have done ministry for any length of time know the pain of this work. Sometimes it’s gripping . . . ongoing . . . overwhelming. Here are some reasons why it is especially difficult pain: 1. We start ministry with excitement and joy, never thinking about the potential pain. But, then […]

  • The 9 Dangers of an Isolated Ministry

    I’ve been there—serving as a pastor seemingly in the middle of nowhere, with no staff to support me. Isolation was a practical reality. I’ve also served as a pastor in a suburban church with staff—yet I sometimes isolated myself there, too, by choice. I was there physically, but I wasn’t always there emotionally and spiritually. […]