• As America riots, Carl Lentz’s emotional interview with T.D. Jakes

    While many pastors have spoken out over the death of George Floyd, Hillsong New York pastor Carl Lentz has been particularly outspoken. Coming up with the hashtag #occupyallstrreets, Lentz is a new breed of pastors trying to not just do church, but be the church to society. With the church in lockdown and services being […]

  • Hillsong NYC’s Carl Lentz calls on Americans to #occupyallstreets

    As American continues to protest and riot from coast to coast, Hillsong New York’s senior pastor has called on Americans to fight for racial justice. Using the hashtag #occupyallstreets, and quoting Martin Luther King, Lentz stated, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” MLK.. you gotta make a choice right now, on how you […]