Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been heavily criticized after the video below went viral. Many called it “blasphemous and disgusting”.

Transformation used its Easter Sunday service to put on a massive production titled “Ransom”. Run over two hours, the show, while looking like it was spectacularly put together, received the backlash online due to the secular nature of its content.

Ransom featured dozens of dances, flashing lights, pyrotechnics, demonic characters, dry ice and covers of Ke$ha, Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé songs. The lyrics in the feed below are disrespectful in what is the most important time on the Christian calendar.

Large churches creating professional shows is something that is to be proud of, but from what we can see above, this one is different. Professional is one thing, but when the church morphs into the world and there is no differemce in the lyrics, we have crossed a line that we must never cross.

Mike Todd incredulously posted a video to Instagram four days ago explaining how when he became a pastor in 2015, he didn’t know what a pastor did. He had never preached an Easter message before, he said.

The entire service has not been uploaded to YouTube, presumably to avoid further criticism.

Todd is also no stranger to controversy. In January 2022, Todd was forced to apologize after he wiped his spit across the face of a church attendee to illustrate a Biblical point.

“Receiving vision from God might get nasty,” he stated, before using the man standing next to him to illustrate his point. He then spat in his hand twice, producing mucus and phlegm to then wipe across his face.

The video started trending on Twitter since it was posted, with Christians of all sides incredibly disturbed by the vision.

He posted an apology to Twitter, stating that he took the illustration too far.

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