A new campaign has been launched by Republican Christians who believe that US President Trump is “using them”.

Republican Voters Against Trump have released the video below, stating that, “Six Republican voters on how Trump is using Christians to promote the type of hatred that Jesus would never justify,” the video states. The ad will air on TV this week in North Carolina.

Donald Trump has enjoyed a golden run over the last almost four years, getting incredible support from Christian evangelicals in particular. However, right when we are getting to the pointy end of the 2020 presidential campaign, the publicity couldn’t be worse.

Having said that, America’s Christians don’t have a lot of options. A no vote for Trump might make some feel justified in one area, but the alternative for Christians is not pretty.

We are already seeing governors across the country close down churches and show control that we haven’t seen before. And while we understand that the pandemic has created challenges for all in government have never faced before, when this ends, Christians will need the support of a president who ‘has their back’.

Time will soon tell who lead our proud country into the future.

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